August 27, 2018

By His Side

He is up from his nap and ready for an afternoon walk. As we leave, he stumbles on the threshold of the door. His pace is slow, his movement stiff, but he has a look of determination as we move along the familiar path. We reach our destination (only half as far as in the past), and start the journey home. As we return, he is moving even slower and a bit winded, but tomorrow he will be ready again for another walk.

He is 15 in human years and has multiple health issues. The playfulness and exuberance may be diminished, but in those brown cataract glazed eyes the affection still shows through. I once said, “it is here he will stay” and it is here we will be by his side.

        though faded and worn . . .
        child’s blanket

Dan Hardison

Contempary Haibun Online
July 2018, vol 14 no 2