February 25, 2024

Three Poems

    The Key

    Rummaging through a drawer
    I come across a key
    that I do not recognize.

    Perhaps a house key,
    maybe not this house,
    but another now forgotten.

    I should throw it out
    the locks are probably changed
    but I won't, at least not yet.

    I may need this key
    to unlock a memory
    of some other place and time.

    Looking Within

    Today I came across
    an old book of poetry
    that I had purchased
    but then forgot.

    Opening the book
    two white petals fall out –
    rose petals lightly tinged
    and pressed flat.

    So, who could have left
    this simple keepsake?
    For what reason?
    And why this book?

    My mind wanders
    filled with curious thoughts
    stirred by rose petals
    found in a book.

    The Passing Day

    The cat
    is laying in the sun
    by the window.

    Beyond the window
    dead leaves are blown about
    by a wintry wind.

    Pots that had held
    blooms of summer flowers,
    are empty now.

    The Dogwood, Crepe Myrtle,
    and Rose of Sharon
    are bare limbed.

    I stand at the window
    gazing at a world sleeping,
    waiting for the season to turn.

    The cat
    is laying in the sun
    by the window.

Dan Hardison

The Ravens Perch
February, 2024

January 5, 2024


  Through summer
  shades of dusty green
  has sustained the trees.

  A dazzling show
  of earthy hues begins
  when autumn comes.

  Poplars, ashes, and birches
  wear radiant saffron,
  beeches shimmering copper.

  Oak leaves turn rosy bronze,
  hickories a tweedy russet,
  and aspens buttery gold.

  Maples are honey yellow
  but can be scarlet
  or riotous red.

  A delight for the eyes
  before the coming season
  of grey and white.

  — Dan Hardison

The Wise Owl
January 2024

December 22, 2023

Star Bright

Dan Hardison

December 8, 2023

Unintended Consequence

Constructed of quarried boulders, the breakwater extends across the bay for about a mile. For those willing to make the intimidating walk across, you will be rewarded with secluded beaches, two lighthouses, and the chance to observe crabs, starfish, and maybe a seal along the way.

We checked the tide chart, so not to get stranded at high tide, and began our trek. Token, a little brown rescue dog found at a New York city subway station, came along. At almost the halfway point, Token decided to return to less challenging terrain. No matter our calls, Token never looked back, never slowed. Once we arrived back at the sandy beach where the breakwater begins, Token sat happily waiting for us.

        knowing eyes
        focused and patient . . .

Dan Hardison

Contempary Haibun Online
Issue 19.3, November 2023

December 1, 2023

A Journey to Behold

        The time had come
        to embark on a journey,
        to leave family and friends,
        to depart the only home
                you have known.

        As you stand in the doorway
        the rooms behind you
        filled with memories
        pull at your heart and mind
                to remain.

        There is comfort here,
        the beyond unknown,
        there will be no going back
        once that step is taken,
                the door closed.

        Voices inside you call out
        with doubt and with sadness,
        yet there is a new voice
        a singular voice, your own,
                  you know you must go.

        The door closes
        and a darkness falls over you
        covers you in confusion,
        but as you turn there is a light
                that brightens the soul.

        All that has gone before
        and all that you have learned
        will be with you, to guide you,
        as you begin this journey –
                a new life, your own.

Dan Hardison

The Wise Owl
November 2023