May 25, 2024


Autumn's Arrival
(mixed media)
7" x 5"

Donated to PAE24
To benefit "MillHouse Foundation"
McKinney, Texas
Opening Exhibition and Sale, Sep 21 - Oct 10, 2024

(Formally TAE)

May 18, 2024



    The poem went away
    And did not look back.
    — James Still

    Some might think
    it is writer’s block,
    but it’s not that words
    will not come,
    instead they come
    and then drift away
    lost somewhere between
    then and now.

Dan Hardison

The Wise Owl
May 17, 2024

April 20, 2024

Two Poems


    Whispering winds of spring,
    rustling leaves of summer,
    the ground crunching in autumn,
    and the clatter of bare branches in winter –
    a world of earthly sounds
    beckoning of the land and seasons.

    In Winter Light

    Absent now the vibrant
    and earthy colors of autumn
    winter offers swirling shapes
    and sparkling transformations,
    feathery patterns in streams,
    and glossy suspended icicles,
    silvery heads of field grasses
    and beads of water frozen –
    monochromatic patterns
    on a frosted morning.

Dan Hardison

The Wise Owl
April 2024

April 7, 2024


My book Quietude is now available from Lulu Press.

"In this collection Dan Hardison combines words and images following the Japanese haiga – a combination of image and poem where one compliments the other. The writing in this collection was selected from a ten-year period beginning in 2009 when he had his first poem published and is fully illustrated using his photographs. The work included has appeared in print and online journals, and anthologies, some in slightly different form. These include Contemporary Haibun Online, Cattails, Daily Haiga, and Frogpond; plus past journals Simply Haiku, Haigaonline, South by Southeast, Magnapoets, Sketchbook, and moonset."

By Dan Hardison
Published by Lulu Press.
2024, Paperback, 148 pages
ISBN: 9781304664990

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March 2, 2024

And the Name Is . . .

Many parents will agonize for weeks to find just the right name for their new born child. Some will choose a name that they feel is distinguished, maybe a traditional family name, or the name of a famous person. The chosen name might be unique or just whatever is popular at the time. But whatever name a proud parent places on their child, the child will be stuck with it – at least until he or she is old enough to legally change it.

Some people have names where the last name is preceded my three or more names – Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland. (Not sure how you would fill out an official form calling for a first, middle, and last name.) There are those with just two names – a first and a last, and then there those of the music world who prefer just one name – Cher, Adele, Prince. Some people do choose to change their names, but not necessarily because they did not like the name they were given – Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr, Miley Cyrus.

Even if you stick with your given name, it might be shortened – Madeline could be Maddie, Mads, Maddy or Mae. (Never really understood how Robert becomes Bob or John becomes Jack.) There are names that could be a boy’s name or a girl’s name (with or without trick spelling) – Dana, Robin, Chris, Jordan. There are also names that could be a first or last name – Ray Charles, Jesse James. Names from history can sometimes seem odd simply because they have fallen out-of-fashion – Leonidas Polk.

Let us not forget the trick of being a Junior, the III, IV, V... In my case, James Daniel Hardison, Jr., sharing the same name with my father created mix-ups at times, but it was also a dead giveaway. “Oh, you must be Dan’s son.” Despite the fact that I was called Danny to distinguish me from my father. Then there was the teacher who insisted on calling all students by their “given” name. I had the choice of being called James or Daniel. Nicknames were strictly forbidden. And there are employers who refuse to use anything but the employee’s given name, first and last.

My advice to anyone struggling to find the perfect name for their child would be to choose the name you want to call the child by and make that their first name. A middle name is optional because the “official” world will just ignore it anyway.

By James Daniel Hardison, Jr.
James Hardison
Daniel Hardison
Danny Hardison
or just Dan Hardison

The Wise Owl
March 2024